Saturday, November 19, 2011

Woollim Entertainment Girl Group Application


AFF Username : xxTriplexxExx
AFF Profile Link :


Character Name : Jang Yun Lee
Nickname : Yunnie, Yuny
Age : 18
Date of Birth : July 3, 1994
Place of Birth : Tokyo, Japan
Hometown : Seoul, Korea
Ethnicity : Korean
Height : 174cm
Weight : 44kg
Blood type : AB
Language : Korean, basic Japanese, & basic English


Pre Debut :
Debut :
Ulzzang name : Seo Ji Hye
Style : She likes anything, but prefers things that she can pair with converse, Toms, or skinny jeans.
Casual :
Practice :
Formal :
Pajamas :


Background : She was born in Japan while her family was on vacation. Soon after she was born they went back to Korea. Back home, Yun Lee's parents could see her potential as she grew older. She would always sing along to the songs on various music shows. Her parents enrolled her in singing classes because they could see her potential about to burst through her. When Yun Lee wasn't busy with classes, she would play with her younger brother, or her older brother would teach her how to write.
Family : Jang Myoung Yu. Father. 54.
Jang Ji Hyun. Mother. 53.
Siblings : Jang Young Han. Older Brother. 24.
Jang Kyung Lee. Younger Brother. 15.
Personality : Don't let the cute face fool you; this is so full of fierce passion is almost scary. She has that kind of presence that when she steps into a room, everyone notices her. She gives her all in everything she does, be it big or small. She speaks her mind, and is sometimes called blunt for it. Her dream is the own the stage, but she is down-to-earth enough to know that if she doesn't reach her dream that life isn't over.

  • Singing

  • Makeup

  • Shoes

  • Computers

  • Clothes

  • Purple

  • Tea


  • Rude people

  • Bugs

  • Coffee

  • Winter

  • Waking up early

  • Being late

  • Pink


  • Singing

  • Collecting hats

  • Collecting CDs

  • Running

  • Songwriting

  • Writing in general


  • Laughing when she's nervous

  • Chewing on her lip when she's thinking

  • Touching her face when she does something wrong and someone scolds her about it

  • Bursting into song at a key word

  • Staying up late when she has an idea to write it down because she will forget it if she doesn't


  • She is the only left-handed person in her family.

  • Her guilty pleasures are Infinite's Cover Girl, FT Island's Like The Birds, and Bang Yong Guk's I Remember.

  • Do not take her shopping; she will run wild.

  • She always carries her iPod.

  • She doesn't watch sad movies because they make her cry.

  • She is an adrenaline junky; she absolutely loves rollercoasters.

  • She is a closet kkap queen.

  • Sweets are her weakness.


  • Juggling

  • Gymnastics

  • Piano

  • Baking


Partner : Hoya, Sungyeol, Sungjong

Partner Personality : Hoya - He is a total gentleman towards Yun Lee, and admires her fiery passion for singing; it reminds him of himself when he first started dancing. She is easy to talk to, and he likes how she can be funny, but also down-to-earth. Sungyeol -He absolutely adores her. He was amazed at her vocals when they first met. They often have funny conversations, and she shows him her playful side when they scheme on ways to prank the other Infinite members. Sungjong - He thinks Yun Lee is adorable and prettty, and likes how that even though she is a singer, she has a her dancer moments. He loves doing covers of popular girl group dances with her because she makes it hilarious by adding her extra "force" into the moves.

Best friend : Dongho. They met when they were little. They were actually neighbors and had become great friends, but then he became an idol and moved. At a U-Kiss fanmeeting one day, they were reunited and have kept in touch ever since. Dongho is glad Yun Lee wants to become an idol because he knows how amazing she is. He hopes that she makes it because he knows she deserves it.

Friends : Yang Yoseob, Lee Hongki, Mir, Min, & Hyorin


Trainee history : She auditioned for many companies, but all rejected her. Seeing she was depressed, Dongho and her other friends told her to take part in a singing contest. She did, and won with her cover of Infinite's Voice Of My Heart. She received so much attention from it, that Woollim Ent. heard about it. They looked her up and immediately scouted her, training her in singing, with a little bit of rap and dance.

Trainee years : 4 years

Stage Name : Yuny

Persona : The Fierce Dreamer

Position : Main Vocal 1 & Lyricist/Sub Dancer & Sub Rapper [Variety Show]

Personal fanclub name : Dream Chasers

Personal fanclub color : White

Singing :

Dancing :

Rapping : (feat. @ 2.00)

Password : Group Name - Unlimited Fanclub Name - Forevers


Saturday, March 5, 2011

So Lately I've Been Thinking About You..

Whoa. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I should probably catch you guys up...

First year in marchng band was...a...BLAST! Cannot WAIT until band camp and next marching season! :) Concert season has been dull :P but it's better than doing absolutely nothing. Track has started, and I'm hoping to improve alot this year so I can get closer to my dream. 2016 Olympic Games, you shall see me there! ^^ I've had a boyfriend, but we're not together anymore lol. It was fun while it lasted though. But I was told some pretty good advice. "When one leaves, two more will show up." :) Also, I've been really into Koreans seriously. They're so's like I can't look at American guys the same anymore lol. And Amaryst and I have our obsession with Justin Bieber XD. Did you know one of his locks of hair (that he so foolishly cut -.-) sold for 40,000 dollars? Do you know how many books and iTunes gift cards I could buy with that kind of money? Seriously, I need to go to a concert, get backstage passes, get close enough to him, cut some hair, and then sell it on eBay hahaha.

Our band Disney trip is coming soon. Spring Break baby! Anyways..I can't wait. Very excited :) My cousin says I should ride some rollercoaster at Bush Garden. I gave her the oh-heck-no look. There's no way anyone could get me on one of those things, unless I was getting something out of it. Something BIG and actually worth it. Hahaha :)

Well this has been Cander :D Over and out!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Worst Day Ever...

Today has officially been awful. There's no other way to truely describe it. Usually, when someone's whole week is bad, something good happens and then they feel better. But apparently not for me..

So I'm stuck here, alone, with no one to talk to :/ can't get in touch with friends, the one friend I can get in touch with I'm pretty sure hates me (you're not alone, I hate me too), and then my other friend is moving in 2 months. Why is everyone moving...? Sure, Florence isn't all that great and the people here are kinda bad, but all your friends are here and they want you to stay...

Ugh. Now I'm tearing up. Again..

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Week of School

Haven't posted in awhile :o

Well the first week of school just ended. It wasn't actually that bad. I've done all my homework :D so far jaja (Spanish for haha). Yep, I'm taking Spanish, which is so awesome. Señora Martinez is my teacheer(:she's muy cool. And my class isn't so bad either. I have Grace and Chase in there, so I won't be bored.

All the other classes don't really matter lol. BAND, is what matters(: yesterday was Falcon Night, and Headbanger was AH-MAZING!!! I miss my flute peeps:( and Sunshine was cool jaja. We need to learn more stand tunes, like the Lady Gaga songs all the band peoples were talking about lol.

I AM THE KING(QUEEN) OF SPANISH!!! I figured out how to make all the Spanish characters on the computer(: I feel all accomplished! See? ¿Qué tal? (What's up?)

And now I mush bid you goodnight. Buenas nochés! (goodnight)

Monday, July 5, 2010


Many, many things have happened in the past 24 hours. I doubt if I can explain it all. But I will try..

So my best friend was in the hole. The hole of sadness is what I'll call it. He kept saying he needed someone. Someone who knew how he ticked. Someone who he'd love to be there for every second. At the time I didn't quite understand what brought all this on, so I could only say I was sorry and give him a virtual hug. Then he said my name, like he was going to ask me something. Then changed his mind. So after some pestering, he said he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. Because he needed help, and I was the only one he could come to. Could trust. So of course I'm shocked into silence. Then I tell my best friend about it, because I needed someone to share this with. And I made her cry. I felt awful.

So after talking it out, things were back to normal. Or as close to normal as it would ever be. Then this morning, he finds out I told my friend. So he says that everything he said last night [he said other things besides the 'gf ' thing], he takes it back. So of cousre I get irritated with him. Then I stop talking to him. Later in the afternoon, I decide to talk to him. Into the conversation I found out something that I really wanted to know. The something that changed to him. The guys I used to like, likes me. But now that I think about it, I guess I never really stopped liking him. Oh well. So that was a big shocker, even though I didn't let it seem like I was schocked.

About 30 minutes ago, I cried in the shower. Because I didn't understand why. It's like the world is spinning backwards. My life isn't supposed to be this exciting, drama filled soap opera. It's supposed to be boring. Until the part where I get my track scholarship and go to this big college and possibly get drafted for the Olympics. Other than that; boring. Maybe get married, have kids. But nothing like this. Why me...?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Time No See

I haven't been on this in forever! I missed you guys! :[

My birthday was Monday (today is Friday) and I didn't get anything! D: do you know how horrible that is? It's very, very horrible, let me tell you. I'm hoping that at my party I get presents :] because presents would be nice since my FAMILY didn't get me any ^_^

Ugh. Have to read this book Izzy, Willy-Nilly. I REALLY don't wanna read that thing. It's assigned; I hate assigned reading. I can never get into them. Plus, I have 5 other books from the library I've gotta read :3

Drama has continued to happen. Like last night for instance. That was bad. Then some things were said. And because the words were never taken back, and there was no 'sorry', I'm quite irritated. And it's too late now, the damage is done. It's gonna take a whole lot to get me to forgive. Cuz after all the crap I put up with, and you're gonna say that to me? Aw beep no. Caitlin does not easily forgive :P

Well I must go now. Gotta clean up my room before the party people show up. TTFN