Friday, August 13, 2010

First Week of School

Haven't posted in awhile :o

Well the first week of school just ended. It wasn't actually that bad. I've done all my homework :D so far jaja (Spanish for haha). Yep, I'm taking Spanish, which is so awesome. Señora Martinez is my teacheer(:she's muy cool. And my class isn't so bad either. I have Grace and Chase in there, so I won't be bored.

All the other classes don't really matter lol. BAND, is what matters(: yesterday was Falcon Night, and Headbanger was AH-MAZING!!! I miss my flute peeps:( and Sunshine was cool jaja. We need to learn more stand tunes, like the Lady Gaga songs all the band peoples were talking about lol.

I AM THE KING(QUEEN) OF SPANISH!!! I figured out how to make all the Spanish characters on the computer(: I feel all accomplished! See? ¿Qué tal? (What's up?)

And now I mush bid you goodnight. Buenas nochés! (goodnight)

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