Saturday, March 5, 2011

So Lately I've Been Thinking About You..

Whoa. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I should probably catch you guys up...

First year in marchng band was...a...BLAST! Cannot WAIT until band camp and next marching season! :) Concert season has been dull :P but it's better than doing absolutely nothing. Track has started, and I'm hoping to improve alot this year so I can get closer to my dream. 2016 Olympic Games, you shall see me there! ^^ I've had a boyfriend, but we're not together anymore lol. It was fun while it lasted though. But I was told some pretty good advice. "When one leaves, two more will show up." :) Also, I've been really into Koreans seriously. They're so's like I can't look at American guys the same anymore lol. And Amaryst and I have our obsession with Justin Bieber XD. Did you know one of his locks of hair (that he so foolishly cut -.-) sold for 40,000 dollars? Do you know how many books and iTunes gift cards I could buy with that kind of money? Seriously, I need to go to a concert, get backstage passes, get close enough to him, cut some hair, and then sell it on eBay hahaha.

Our band Disney trip is coming soon. Spring Break baby! Anyways..I can't wait. Very excited :) My cousin says I should ride some rollercoaster at Bush Garden. I gave her the oh-heck-no look. There's no way anyone could get me on one of those things, unless I was getting something out of it. Something BIG and actually worth it. Hahaha :)

Well this has been Cander :D Over and out!

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